About Us

Matt is a software developer based near Manchester in the UK, specialising in Web Application development.

He can build just about anything so long as it's not real.

After seeing that screencast in 2005, he ditched the murky world of C and C++ for a better future in web development.

Since then he has built Bouldr, an online guidebook for climbers that is comprised of a front-end Rails application (with a significant serving of Javascript), a backend clustering system built in PHP and an iPhone application.

He has worked with Jim Neath on (now defunct) Purify, a simple, hosted bug tracking system for developers and end users.

More recently, we have been busy creating companies for clients and turning vague ideas into working applications for our lovely clients.

If you are looking to realise an idea or build and test a solution to a problem, scale your application in a hurry, or build a team to increase your capacity, we can help.

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