Bestdam Segway Tours

I was approached to take over the maintenance and development work for the online booking system of BestDam Segway Tours by the companies previous owner, Brendan. We worked together for a few months before Pieter took it over, and I helped ensure that all systems had been correctly handed over

Given that you've had an application built, be it on the web or a mobile app, you need to ensure that security updates are preformed and systems are monitored. I've provided this service to my clients for years now. I've ensured that their systems stay up, that they are secure


A collaborative, worldwide climbing guidebook. Bouldr was an online guidebook for climbers all over the world, and is currently defunct with a view to relaunching soon. The site is composed of a frontend application that contains the business logic and interfaces, and a backend system that provides the clustering functionality

The founder of this company has asked me not to publicly identify them as they do not want to be included as a public portfolio piece. When Mr. G approached me, the app they were building was in bad shape. Several poor practices had meant that it was struggling to

A simple script that allows a snippet of HTML to be truncated while preserving its structure. The text is truncated based on the number of visible characters in the string, ignoring the size of any markup tags. Requirements The truncator requires Nokogiri to parse out the HTML string. Using with