A collaborative, worldwide climbing guidebook. Bouldr was an online guidebook for climbers all over the world, and is currently defunct with a view to relaunching soon. The site is composed of a frontend application that contains the business logic and interfaces, and a backend system that provides the clustering functionality

A simple script that allows a snippet of HTML to be truncated while preserving its structure. The text is truncated based on the number of visible characters in the string, ignoring the size of any markup tags. Requirements The truncator requires Nokogiri to parse out the HTML string. Using with

Bouldr iPhone App

The Bouldr iPhone app complements the Bouldr website by allowing users to take climbing data from Bouldr with them to the crag. The app featured incremental sync, versioning and GPS localisation. It allowed the user to browse nearby climbs and update or add new climbs from out in the field,

Now defunct, Bort was a working base app we built to provide us with a platform from which we could quickly develop web apps. Bort included signup and authentication, user roles, OpenID, rspec, asset packaging and an exception notifier. Bort gained some notoriety in 2008, and was mentioned in the


Kyotee was a UK Business Directory, and the first web application I built. I started this project in 2001 with a friend, and it quickly grew into a profitable business. We automated everything we could, which allowed us to spend very little time maintaining the site. At it's peak, the