Bestdam Segway Tours

I was approached to take over the maintenance and development work for the online booking system of BestDam Segway Tours by the companies previous owner, Brendan. We worked together for a few months before Pieter took it over, and I helped ensure that all systems had been correctly handed over

The founder of this company has asked me not to publicly identify them as they do not want to be included as a public portfolio piece. When Mr. G approached me, the app they were building was in bad shape. Several poor practices had meant that it was struggling to


The initial specification for this application was very simple, unfortunately, the initial design work was very different from the final design that I needed to implement. On the upside, the new design was far more interesting, and had some very cool concepts. The application consists of a rotating menu disc

Shooman approached me with a well thought-out plan and a series of wireframes that were 90% complete. From this thourough start, we were able to develop an asthetically pleasing site design, and develop the features necessary for his new business to work. The site features faceted search, newsletter signup and


Working closely with the founder, Stephen, we took the loose specification and developed a rough first-draft of the site. From this we were able to rapidly iterate and add the features and interfaces that were necessary for a good user experience that had not been immediately apparent on the first