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Posted on 2 mins read

I’ve moved Codebeef around a fair bit, but I keep coming back to Jekyll. As I’ve used Jekyll, I’ve noticed a few patches of friction, so I decided to fork the repo on Github, and give a little back.

Importing CLI

Jekyll’s interface for importing existing blogs is a bit clunky - The syntax mentioned in this ticket is far better, so I implemented it in this patch, which has since been pulled into the master branch.

More detailed information about the new import CLI here.

Posterous Importer

An importer that uses the Posterous API to import a blog into Jekyll.

With the new CLI I built, this is as simple as running:

{% highlight bash %} jekyll import posterous –user= –pass= –site= {% endhighlight %} Importer

Codebeef was initially hosted as a Wordpress blog - I decided to rename and rebuild the site, and found Jekyll.

The existing importers didn’t handle importing from, so I wrote a quick script, and posted it back to the official Jekyll repo. My patch was accepted, and you can now import a blog by getting your export file, and running:

{% highlight bash %} ruby -r ‘./lib/jekyll/migrators/’ -e ‘Jekyll::WordpressDotCom.process’ {% endhighlight %}

Or, with the new CLI:

{% highlight bash %} jekyll import wordpressdotcom –file= {% endhighlight %}